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Boiler Servicing In Oxford, Didcot and across Oxfordshire

Gas boilers that are not serviced regularly can become dangerous and can produce carbon monoxide which can ultimately cause death. Rest assured that Oxford Gas Maintenance will service your boiler to keep it running efficiently and safely. We are able to service boilers from all leading manufacturers and provide a full range of repairs as well.

• Adjustment of combustion settings.

• The removal, inspection and cleaning of boiler components.

• Inspection and testing of electrical connections and incoming electrical supply.

• Electronic analysis.

• Assessment and testing of flue/chimney.

• Measurement of how much gas your boiler is consuming.

• The testing of safety devices.

Our Boiler Service Includes:

A boiler safety check will confirm that your boiler is working safely. Oxford Gas Maintenance will inspect your appliance and once all checks are complete, you will be issued with a safety certificate. A fixed price quote of £45.00 will be charged, day or night. For further information, please contact Oxford Gas Maintenance.

Boiler Safety Check

All pricing is highly competitive with a fixed  repair charge. Contact Oxford Gas Maintenance.


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"Friendly, knowledgeable and efficient service. Oxford Gas Maintenance have provided boiler servicing for many years and I could not have asked for more. Good value."


- Mr Ansell, Abingdon-on-Thames

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Locations we serve: Oxford, Didcot and many more across Oxfordshire.